Tidy Up in Ten: Tips for the Chronically Messy

By September 27, 2016Home & Garden
Tidying Up


You’ve overslept, your room is a disaster and you just got a text that says, “On our way!” This isn’t a post about how to be Martha Stewart, mind you. These tips will show you how to get your room in visitor-ready shape in 10 minutes by prioritizing the messiest, most chaotic parts of your room so your visitors don’t think you’re living in #GreyGardens.

Trash triage: 2 minutes

Grab a garbage bag, or the Boomerangs shopping bag from your last thrift haul. Snag whatever you can get your hands on to collect the trash. That’s the stinkiest and grossest part, so start there.

Sniff Test: 3 minutes

We don’t even have to be in your room to know there is at least one pile of clothes in there. Time to determine which clothes are still clean and what’s got to go into the laundry ASAP. Toss the clean stuff in your closet to be hung and organized later. Throw the sweaty stuff in the hamper or laundry bag and tuck it in a corner.

Spray Some Scents: 10 seconds

Room sprays are a quick and easy way to add some seasonal scents to your space. Dorms and many apartments don’t allow candles, so a spritz of cinnamon apple or pumpkin spice (’tis the season!) will give your nose the ambiance it wants without getting the fire department involved. Focus on problem areas like bathrooms, kitchens, or near that pile of clothes we mentioned earlier.

Top Three: 1 minute

Take a look at the horizontal surfaces in your room like your desk or nightstand. If they’re covered  with random stuff, it’s time to remedy that. Stick to three decorative things to keep on the surface and tuck everything else in the drawers. For example, you can keep a candle, a framed picture of you and your bestie, and that cool piece of driftwood you found at the beach this summer. If you don’t have room in your drawers, grab a decorative storage basket, dump everything in there and come back to it after your guests leave.

It’s Shoe-time: 1 minute

Grab all of your shoes that may be all hiding over the place and line them up neatly by the door or tuck them under your bed.

Shake and Sweep: 2 minutes

If you have an area rug, shake it out, toss it to the side and sweep up. Trust us, it only takes a minute or two, and it makes a big visual impact. Replace the rug once the debris is cleared.

Make your bed: 1 minute

No need to fuss over the details—just fluff up the pillows, adjust the duvet and give it a quick spritz of laundry freshener if needed.

Step back and admire the fruits of your labor! Your room looks tidy, smells fresh and now you’re ready for guests. Boom. Nailed it.



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