Love Yourself: 3 Ways to Practice Self-Care

By February 14, 2016Self-Care
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Love can be expressed and exhibited in many forms. The most important form of love is self love. Don’t forget that loving yourself and caring for yourself will allow you to love for others more deeply. To stay on top of your self-care, self love game try these tips:

Live in the moment

Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. The goal is to stay still, calm and quiet while these thoughts come and go, not passing judgment upon them but acknowledging them and letting them go. Next time you’re commuting to work, take 10 minutes to quiet your mind, become aware of your breathing, the feeling of your feet planted firmly and just relax your muscles while staying present. It is said that practicing mindfulness throughout the day will help our brains stay calm and focused, ultimately leading to a better outlook on life.

Check in

And we don’t mean online! Check in with yourself and ask some tough questions. How have you been handling stress lately? Are you overbooking your days? Do you feel spread too thin? What can you do to avoid this?

Mirror, mirror

Practicing positive self talk in the mirror (ok you don’t have to do it in the mirror) is an important tool to help undo the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) negative messages about ourselves from the world around us. The more you look at yourself and celebrate what you see, the better off you’ll be. Set aside some time every day to celebrate something wonderful about yourself. It may be awkward at first, but like all new skills, practice makes better.

Pro tip: set an alarm on your phone to hold yourself accountable.



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